Do Hamsters Get Ticks?

If you find a strange bite on your hamster or notice something lumpy attached to his skin, call your vet. Your hamster may have a tick on his skin. Your vet will be able to examine your hamster and determine what the bite or lump is. It is possible for hamsters to get ticks although the ticks most likely were brought in to your hamster from another source. Ticks do not tend to seek out hamsters especially if your hamster doesn’t roam outside. In most cases, the ticks were brought in by a cat, dog, or a person. If your hamster does have a tick, don’t panic. Call your vet and follow his directions for removal and treatment. Your vet may then recommend a topical ointment for the bite. You should also clean your hamster’s cage in case there are any other ticks in his bedding. For more tips, Notify  your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ.


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