Treats for Sugar Glider

Some sugar gliders love to eat treats. In fact, the sugar glider got his name from their natural taste for sugary foods such as fresh fruits. Ask your vet what kind of sugary and non-sugary are appropriate for your sugar glider. Some experts believe that adding variety to your sugar glider’s diet can add “behavioral enrichment” as well as create a strong connection between you and your pet. Treats are a great way to reward your sugar glider when training him new tricks. Appropriate treats may include a nectar mix, vegetables, fruits, insects or even commercial treats. Some sugar gliders may also have lean unseasoned meats as a treat as well. Whichever treat you choose, make sure you feed it in moderation and do not turn it into a meal replacement. Also remember to clear all treats with your veterinarians Scottsdale AZ before giving them to your sugar glider. 


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