How to Prepare Yourself for Showing your Golden Retriever

Showing your Golden retriever in a competitive show ring can be fun and challenging. Showing takes a lot of practice for both you and your Golden in order to understand what is expected in a competition. Your vet as well as members of your local American Kennel Club (AKC) may be of help during the training process. The AKC recommends that you join their club before getting involved in showing. Your dog should also be registered with the AKC in order to compete. As a member of the AKC you will have access to show preparation classes as well as access to several training resources. You will also be able to compete in what are called “match” shows, which are a series of practice shows where you will have a hands-on opportunity to compete with others and learn the ropes for competing in actual shows. If you have a question about your dog’s health before show then contact your professional vet clinic Lakewood Ranch FL.


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