Why Is There A Need To Create A Dog-Free Zone For Pet Cats In Multi-Pet Households?

Having a multi-pet household with cats and dogs is possible however, it is highly recommended that you would set up a place just for the cats--a place that is considered a dog-free space. This is because cats can be overwhelmed by a dog’s attention. Cats and dogs have different temperaments and should be taken into consideration when caring for them. 

In the cat’s sanctuary, it should have the water and food bowls, a place where they can lie down like a blanket or a bed, litter box, and toys. This would ensure that the cat will not have to venture around to eliminate or find food. 

While the dog-free zone can be made using a baby gate, this could be impractical as the price of baby gates could be quite expensive. One of the best ways is to just use the crate of your cat but make sure that your cat is crate-trained so that he can stay at the crate for longer periods.

A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your animal clinic London, ON.

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