What is FeLV in Siamese Cats?

Cats like the Siamese or other feline breeds may be prone to a virus called FeLV or the Feline Leukemia Virus. In general, FeLV is the second largest cause of death among cats with trauma being first. The virus can cause anemia or lymphoma as well as suppress their immune system making them highly susceptible to deadly infections. Although the virus is a leading cause of death, it doesn’t have to be. When cats are vaccinated they have a stronger chance of resisting the deadly virus. In fact, research has found that 70% of cats that came in contact with FeLV were able to either resist the infection or overcome it on their own. FeLV affects cats only and is not contagious to dogs, people, or other animals. It is transmitted from cat to cat through saliva, blood, and possibly urine or feces. Click here for more information or call your animal hospital Ellicott, MD.


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