Ringworms in our Pets

Did you know that ringworm is not caused by worms, but a type of fungi? Ringworm is a fungal skin issue. The ring-like lesions that are created are the origin of the name "ringworm". Ringworm tends to bring about scaling, itching, as well as flaking in various areas of an affected pet's body. You should be careful because ringworm is a highly infectious skin problem. If you have multiple cats or a multi-pet household, your cat can easily get it from the other pets he comes in contact with. It is so infectious that even infected hair found in the surroundings, or bedding, grooming tools, towels can infect unsuspecting cats. Moreover, ringworm can also be transmitted by those nasty fleas. The worst part is any infected pet can transmit the ringworm to the people in your household, so be really on the lookout for this skin issue as often as you can. 

Any skin or hair coat problem should require a visit to your animal hospital Aurora, CO. Read more here.


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