Feeding of Older Cats

Are you aware of what age a cat is considered entering their "twilight years"? A cat is considered a senior when he reaches 7 years of age. During this time, many health issues may surface as the cat has experienced a lot of wear and tear in its body already. Also, during this time, the senior cat will experience a lot of changes in its body's metabolism, composition, as well as the entire immune system. Therefore, as a pet owner, you must provide your all-out support to your beloved furry feline friend at this time as much as you possibly can. 

Some of the health issues that plague cats during their senior years are natural and unavoidable. But some can be prevented, if not, minimized. Many health problems can be addressed by simply giving your beloved cat a nutrient-rich and balanced diet regularly. 

Do consult your veterinarian Anderson, IN before making any changes to your diet’s. 


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