Erase Dog Tear Stains Easily

Pet dogs get tear stains all the time and it is often quite difficult to get rid of them. A lot of dog owners are not aware that tear stains are due to either fungal (red yeast) or bacterial growth. This bacterial or fungal growth is what gives tear stains its distinct reddish-brown color as well as musty odor around the dog's eye area. It would help if you clean the eye area regularly, but you should know that tear stains are quite common and will keep forming later on. You can get rid of the problem entirely if you can identify the root cause and address it appropriately. Tear stains can be due to a variety of causes such as a set of lashes that irritate the dog's eyes as this can cause persistent tearing, as well as tear ducts that are infected.

Eye problems exhibited by your pet should warrant a visit to your pet clinic Carmel Valley.


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