Introducing Pets – Warning Signs That The Introduction Is Going Awry

There can be a handful of pet dogs and pet cats that may be less accommodating than others when forced to live in the same household. However, there are those unfazed with a newcomer and can have a peaceful co-existence. Pet owners should be equipped with the knowledge of the initial signs of aggression or hostility. Some of these are listed below: 

● A dog that is excessively fixated on a cat or if a dog suddenly develops an affinity to barge in and invades the room where the cat stays or lunges in.

● A cat growling, swatting or hissing aggressively at a dog despite being introduced to each other for quite some time now. 

Introducing pets to each other will take time. An adjustment or transition phase should be given to the pets to allow them to be familiar with each other. Keep the pets in a separate room or confinement for at least the first couple of days or weeks. Supervise interaction and playtime whenever possible and be prepared to intervene when it’s necessary especially when aggression sets in. 

Discuss any issues and concerns you may have with your pet’s behaviors with a veterinarian San Diego, CA.


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