Your Cat’s Hairball Production

Almost all of our feline friends produce hairballs every now and then. It’s not a pleasant part of your cat’s behavior, but is it normal? The answer is yes, hairballs are a perfectly standard part of your cat’s life. Have you ever wondered why it occurs in the first place? 

Your cat ingests a lot of her own hair while grooming herself. Most of that swallowed fur moves through the digestive tract and gets expelled naturally in the feces. But some remains in the gut, clumping together over time to form a hairball. That gets regurgitated eventually, usually with some stomach fluid. If this happens occasionally, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s only when hairballs become frequent that you should call your vet. Something might be causing Fluffy to shed more than normal.

Would you like to learn more about hairballs and your cat’s grooming needs? Give your veterinarians Chesapeake, VA a call.


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