Keeping Rodents Off Your Farm

When you have a farm, it's almost a given that you will have some pests to deal with. While the occasional mouse isn't exactly a dire emergency, it is important to realize that rodents can actually do quite a bit of damage. For one thing, they can eat or contaminate feed, which can become pretty costly. They also carry parasites and diseases, which isn't safe for either people or animals. Plus, a large amount of rodents will begin to attract snakes, some of which could be poisonous.

One thing that will help is securing your grain. You can use metal trash cans with secure lids. An old freezer will also work well. You'll also want to use secure bins to discard of things like food and candy wrappers. Or, adopt a barn cat! Many kitties are more than happy to work for their keep.

Ask your veterinarian Dahlonega GA for more information on keeping your farm and livestock free of rodents and parasites.


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