Why Your Pet's Rabies Vaccine Should Be Up-To-Date

Rabies is a fatal disease that can affect both animals and humans alike. Its mode of transmission is by bites and scratches of infected animals. The saliva of infected dogs contains the virus and can also get in contact with the nose, eyes, and mouth of other dogs, cats, or even humans. Manifested symptoms only mean that the disease is rapidly spreading throughout the hosts’ body and has reached the central nervous system. To prevent this from happening you must vaccinate your pets, you must also ensure that their vaccines are updated. How often booster shots are given will depend on several factors such as the type of vaccine given during the first shot, the animal’s health status, potential exposure to the virus through bites, scratches, or encounters with rabid animals or wildlife. Talk to your veterinarian Bucks County, PA about the best way to protect your pet from rabies. Or visit this site.


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