Importance of Dental Hygiene in Dogs

We all know the benefits of having oral hygiene as part of dental health, not only in humans but also in pets. It is essential for pet owners to regularly brush the teeth of their pets as part of a dental home care routine. Brushing helps in getting rid of tartar and plaque buildup, which eventually leads to gum disease. Kibble and chews help in keeping the teeth and gums clean, but brushing is still more effective. Brushing also prevents bad breath in dogs as it removes food bits in between teeth that cause bacteria accumulation. Dental problems result in the development of certain illnesses. The bacteria developed inside the mouth penetrate the bloodstream and cling to the heart’s veins and arteries. As such, dogs that have a dental disease are at risk of suffering from heart disease and organ damage. Part of taking care of pets is taking care of their oral health. To prevent dental problems in pets, always visit your vet Bucks County, PA for a regular dental checkup. You may also bring your pet to a professional groomer for oral care.


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