Obesity in Cats Like the American Curl

Whether you own an American Curl or another breed of feline, it’s important to know who much the breed should weigh. Obesity is one of the most common health concerns in cats today. One way to avoid obesity in your cat is to keep track of the amount of food you feed your cat at meals and the amount of snacks or treats you give your cat in between meals. Like people, a few extra calories can turn into a few extra pounds if not monitored closely. If you think your American Curl may be overweight call your vet and set up a routine physical exam. Your vet can weigh your cat and let you know if his weight is low, high, or average. You can also do a quick check yourself. An average normal weight cat should have a definite waist behind the ribs when looking at him from above. Click to learn more from your pet clinic Murrieta, CA. Or visit this link:


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