Can Rabbits Be Leash-Trained?

Rabbits, just like dogs,  are trainable pets. They are highly intelligent animals and with proper training coupled with positive reinforcement and patience, your rabbit can be trained to walk on a leash in no time. When walking your pet rabbit, it is important to remember that they are small animals that are prone to predators, that is why their self-preservation instinct is very strong.  Taking your pet rabbit on a walk may serve as a new experience for them, making them more cautious of their environment and their surroundings. A leash-trained bunny will follow their human owners on a walk, while their human will hold the end of their leash ensuring their safety. Rabbits unlike any other animals have a calmer and more relaxed nature. They also have a different degree of perception in learning new things. Some rabbits can easily adapt to training and positive reinforcement while some rabbits can be quite stubborn and can have a hard time during their training.   

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