The Himalayan and Risks for FeLV

Did you know that the FeLV virus stands for Feline Leukemia Virus? This is a virus that is found in cats and is not contagious to people or other animals. It’s important to understand FeLV and how it may affect your Himalayan cat. Talk to your vet for further information. In general, the risk of contracting FeLV is very low for indoor cats. However, if you have a multi-cat home the risk increases especially with the cats that share the same water and food bowls or even litter boxes. Senior cats are also more susceptible to the virus because of their age and inability to fight off illnesses. Outdoor cats are more susceptible to the virus as well due to their contact with other cats that could be infected. One of the best ways to protect your cat is to have her vaccinated at an early age. Click here to learn more or ask your veterinarians Murrieta, CA.


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