Can Loud Noises Affect Parakeets?

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood or have a noisy neighbor or roommate? Parakeets can react to heavy noise in a variety of ways. Many parakeets can be fine with environments that have loud noises, but there are sensitive parakeets that can get easily stressed out upon hearing a heavy noise. Some parakeets can get stressed out when they get persistent exposure to a certain noise. If the parakeet is extremely sensitive to noise, it may exhibit certain negative behaviors. For instance, a parakeet may get stressed out upon hearing a noise coming from a blender or vacuum cleaner. You may need to do some trial and error in terms of the kinds of sounds or noises that can annoy your beloved parakeet. If your parakeet gets stressed out, it can exhibit unusual behaviors such as pluck its own feathers, chat persistently, stop eating, or even stay unusually quiet. 

A sudden change in your pet’s personality or behavior should require an appointment with your veterinary clinic Pickerington, OH. 

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