Degu Temperament And Behavior

The popularity of Degus or Octodon degus has spiked in recent years. They can be likened to prairie dogs when they are in their natural habitat. They thrive in communities in burrows which they dug up which is spacious enough for them to sleep in. They can also store their food in the burrows. Degus are diurnal creatures. They are more active during the early hours of the day which sets them apart from their rodent relatives. Just like dogs, a degu will warmly rush towards you upon arriving home. They can become very eager while waiting for playtime.  A full-grown degu can measure approximately 5-7 inches in length with a 6-inch long tail. Never grab degus by their tail, since part of their defense mechanism is to detach their tails. Unfortunately, their tails would not regenerate and grow back like in lizards. 

Any sign of illness should be brought to the attention of your local vet Seminole, FL


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