Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats Like the Ragdoll

Did you know that cats are prone to fleas and ticks in much the same way dogs are? Talk to your vet about a flea and tick preventive program for your Ragdoll cat. Even if ticks aren’t a concern in your area, most flea medications come with the added tick prevention benefit. Your vet can tell you that there are a variety of options available including topical or injectable monthly treatments, monthly oral treatments, and flea and tick collars. Most indoor cats only require basic treatment plans while outdoor cats require a more aggressive plan. If your cat already has fleas or ticks, call your vet and find out how to rid your pet and home of the invasion of ticks and fleas. It’s important to be thorough and follow the orders of your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX. You will need to clean everything from your cats bed and bedding to your own bed, bedding. 

More tips can be found at your Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital Frisco TX.


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