Dog’s Eye out of Socket

If you’ve seen your dog’s eye out of socket can be a scary and traumatic event, but try not to panic. Call your vet right away. Your vet can tell you that although it’s a horrible thing to see, it’s not uncommon for a dog’s eye to bulge or appear to be coming out of the socket. This can at times be due to pressure behind the eye. If you see your dog’s eye bulging, call your vet and do not try to repair the eye or treat it yourself. Instead, cover the eye with a damp, clean cloth and hold it in place with a loosely wrapped bandage. If possible, soak the cloth in warm, salty water to help preserve the eye. Again, try not to panic. Take your dog to the vet as quickly as possible. While on the phone, ask your veterinarians Plano, TX if you should go to an emergency veterinary ophthalmologist instead.


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