Catch Your Deaf Dog’s Attention

You would be able to catch the attention of most dogs with no problem. But for dogs that have a hearing impairment, it would be quite a challenge to catch their attention. The following are some simple tips to help you catch your deaf dog's attention so you can interact with him as close to normal as you possibly can:

● You can try using a vibrating electronic collar. This kind of collar is not like the typical collars you see out available in most markets. This is also different from those collars that shock the dog as part of certain training. This vibrating collar comes with a remote control which you can press if you want it to create a vibration. You can use this tool to get your deaf dog's attention.

● You can create a vibration manually by stamping your feet on the floor.

● You can use a flashlight or laser pointer too.

Work closely with your vets Lewisville, TX in ensuring that your deaf dog will have a better quality of life.


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