Petting-Induced Aggression

Although cats like to be cuddled, many seem to enjoy the attention for a limited length of time before suddenly turning around and biting their owners’ hands.  These cats tend to be too sensitive to manual stimulation, and when they feel overstimulated, it can trigger displays of aggressive behavior. When cuddling your kitty, always keep a close eye on his behavior and be extra sensitive to his body language. Once your kitty reaches his maximum tolerance, you will soon observe his ears flickering, tail lashing around, low growling, skin twitching, ears flat back on the head, shifts positions, stops purring, or stares at you. In time, you will already have an idea of your pet’s maximum level of tolerance and time limit. If you notice that he starts to behave oddly after 5 minutes, stop petting him after 3 minutes while you are still ahead. It is better to leave your pet wanting for more.

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