Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Did you know that dogs can suffer from anxiety? Separation anxiety is the most common type. This happens when a pooch gets upset at being left alone. Dogs are naturally packed animals, so that sense of being a part of a family is very deeply ingrained in them.

If your pet is uneasy being left alone, he may express this by pacing, barking, howling, or whining. He may also dig inappropriately, or chew things that aren't supposed to be chewed. Some dogs will try to escape, while others may defecate inappropriately.

There are things you can do to help your pet cope with his alone time better. Lots of walks, toys, and playtime will help a lot. This will burn off some of your dog's energy, so he'll hopefully spend a chunk of the day napping.

For more information on separation anxiety in dogs, contact your animal hospital Lexington, KY.


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