Eye Irritation and Respiratory Infection in Cats

Eye irritations in cats are often related to respiratory problems. When a cat suffers from a viral respiratory infection, such as feline herpesvirus, eye infections are common. Watery or red eyes usually result when the cat sneezes. When cats tear excessively, their eyes squint or partially close due to the swelling of membranes in the eyelids. Most respiratory infections are viral but later develop into bacterial infections. One sign that a cat has a bacterial respiratory disease is the yellowish or greenish eye discharge. Some cats may also suffer from a corneal ulcer, a complication characterized by the scarring of the transparent part located at the front of the eye. Cats that display symptoms of a respiratory illness should receive care so the condition will not progress to a severe infection. In the case of eye discharge or irritation, pet owners should bring their cats to a vet hospital Virginia Beach, VA for proper examination. Learn more here.


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