Interesting Facts That Owners Of Pocket Pets Should Know

If you are thinking of bringing home a pocket pet or are already sharing your life and home with one, here are some amazing facts about these adorable creatures that you should know about:

  • The original habitats of hamsters are the deserts of Asia. The specific term for a baby hamster is a puppy. Unlike guinea pigs, mice, and rats, hamsters are unable to swim.
  • Guinea pigs are from South America where they were originally raised for food. Like humans, cavies are unable to produce vitamin C in their bodies, so the vitamin must be supplemented regularly in their diet. Female guinea pigs are called sows and male guinea pigs as boars. A young guinea pig can already run even when it is only 3 hours old.
  • Rats are smart and they can be taught tricks. In fact, they are one of the smartest rodent pets around. They are also lovable and affectionate/ 
  • Gerbils are native to Asia and Africa.

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