Four Phases of Epileptic Seizures in Canines Like the Poodle

If you think your poodle may be having seizures or epileptic episodes, contact your vet. Canine seizures are most often described as a disorder of the brain that causes seizures or involuntarily body movements, convulsions or even fits. In general, a canine epileptic seizure can be split into four different phases. The first phase is the Prodrome phase in which your dog’s behavior will change. The second is the Aura phase in which the owner may notice their dog’s excessive pacing, vomiting, and whining. The third phase is the Ictus and involves the full seizure in which the dog may lose control, lose consciousness, and begin thrashing about. The fourth stage is called the Post-Ictal Stage. This stage marks the end of the seizure and lasts around 10 to 30 minutes. In this time your dog may seem drunk and may sleep for several hours. Always follow your veterinary clinic Kerrville, TX team’s instructions


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