The Papillon

Looking for a cute, sweet, compact pup that is also full of energy and thrives on attention? Check out the Papillon. The Papillon is one of the oldest dog breeds around. It is said this breed first received its name from Marie Antoinette who referred to her dog as her petite “Papillon” or petite butterfly. The name Papillon literally means butterfly. This description most likely came to mind due to the Papillon’s ears, which look similar to butterfly wings. Legend has it that Marie Antoinette actually took her pet Papillon to the guillotine with her. Although Marie Antoinette’s life was not spared it is said that her dog’s life was spared. The small dog was often the subject of various artists including Rembrandt. You may also have seen a Papillon in today’s culture with popular women such as Christina Aguilera and Lauren Bacall. Learn more here or call your vet Metairie, LA.


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