Your Cat’s Scent Glands and Your Cat

You may feel flattered when your cat rubs against you and although she loves you, she is alsousing her scent glands to mark you as part of her territory. There are scent glands at the base of her tail so she may encourage you to scratch there. You may notice your cat wants to bepetted on the sides of her head or chin since there are scent glands located there too. When your cat kneads on your lap or even when she is destructively scratching the furniture and drapery, she is actuallystimulating the scent glands in her cat’s feet and claws. Your cat’s destructive scratching leaves a visual marker that lets others know what is part of her turf, at least in her mind. She may repeat the markings over time. Scent marking is pretty harmless but you may want to deter or redirect any scratching. Contact your vet Des Moines, IA to learn more.


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