Tips To Help Dogs Cope With Fireworks

Many dogs have a fear of fireworks. The loud noises and flashes of light can make them fearful, nervous, and anxious. Some will bark frantically, while other dogs whine and tremble, and try to seek places to hide. Their fear and anxiety may cause dogs to become destructive to ease their anxiety. If they’re inside a room, they may destroy the door or window to try to get out. Aside from causing damage to property, distressed dogs could end up with injuries. Some dogs that are out of the house when fireworks lit the sky may suddenly bolt or escape and get lost. The phobia is indeed a major cause for concern for people whose dogs seem to go crazy during fireworks displays. Unfortunately, there is no single technique to help a dog cope and overcome his fear of fireworks. Cases differ between dogs which means the approach will depend on the individual dog. Some cases need multiple strategies to address the problem. 

If you have concerns with your pet’s behavior, call your local veterinarian Jacksonville FL.


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