Why is my Cat Constantly Grooming?

Have you noticed your cat constantly licking her coat and spending what seems like hours grooming and primping? You may be wondering if this is normal. Don’t worry your vet can tell you that it is very normal for felines to groom themselves multiple times a day. Your cat grooms herself for a variety of reasons. However, if you notice your cat grooming much less or even much more than usual you may want to call your vet as it could be a sign of illness. Most cats groom in order to remove the scent of food and other odors that will give them away to predators. Inside and outside cats also lick themselves to stay cool in the summer. Likewise, in the winter, excessive licking helps spread the natural oils on the cat’s coat which in turn keeps dampness out and warmth in. Click to learn more or call your vet clinic Tampa, FL.


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