Guinea Pig Colds

Did you know that there are some who believe that guinea pigs can catch a cold from people while others do not believe this? The cold and flu commonly found in humans is caused by viruses. Guinea pigs most often develop respiratory problems that people may call a “cold” through bacteria and possible fungal infections. If your guinea pig is sneezing, has watery eyes, or discharge from his nose, call your vet right away to schedule a check-up. Other signs that your little piggy isn’t feeling well include lethargy and loss of appetite or even a refusal to drink water. Your guinea pig’s respiratory illness could turn into pneumonia if it is not treated right away. In some cases, a guinea pig’s illness can cause diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. Get to know your guinea pig so you can recognize when he isn’t feeling well. Always take your guinea pig to your veterinarians Tampa, FL.


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