Playtime is Essential for Your Dog

Just about every dog loves to play. It’s built into our canine companions—they simply love to have fun. And play can be just as fun for pet owners as it is for dogs. But did you know that playtime is about more than a good time? It’s actually essential for your dog’s overall health. 

First of all, a dog who plays on a daily basis is getting good exercise. The physical activity that playtime brings is very important. It keeps your dog from packing on too much extra weight and becoming obese. Play also means that your dog is exercising his mind. Dogs who don’t play often enough tend to act out in undesirable ways, including loud vocalizations, destructive behaviors like chewing or digging, aggression, house soiling, and more. Simply playing with your dog regularly is a good way to avoid a lot of these problems. 

Learn more about the benefits of playtime by contacting your animal hospital Anderson, IN.


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