General Symptoms of Mange in Dogs

Signs which are manifested by a dog suffering from mange are dependent on the species of mite which is present. Sarcoptic mange is associated with intense itching while Demodectic mange causes hair loss that result in bald spots. Both types of mange result in reddened and inflamed skin, formation of body sores and scabs. Affected dogs appear restless and are always frantically scratching themselves around the ears, face, legs, and elbows. When left unchecked, the skin irritations can quickly spread to the entire body. Secondary bacterial infections can quickly follow untreated mange cases. Persistent scratching can irritate the skin and lead to severe infections. There are also dogs that manifest allergic reactions to the mange mites. Pustules (pus-filled bumps) appear on the skin signaling the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. In time, the skin may take on a leathery appearance as a result of epidermal thickening and hyper-pigmentation (darkening). Skin abrasions and other self-inflicted wounds are at risk of developing severe secondary bacterial infections.  Any sign of skin infection should be brought to the attention of your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian. Click here for more information.


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