Dehydration In Pets

Pets, like humans, can experience dehydration with inadequate water intake. Access to fresh clean water is vital to the health of your pets since water is part of their essential nutritional requirement. Drinking adequate amounts of water is a crucial component of their health. You should keep your pets well-hydrated for their bodies to perform their normal physiological functions. Seek veterinary care anytime your pet appears dehydrated. Some warning signs of dehydration in pets can be assessed with a saliva test and by checking their skin elasticity. A saliva test can be performed by checking your dog’s gum, just lift your dog’s lip and press the gum with your finger. The gums of normal dogs will be moist and wet whereas a dog with dehydration will have sticky gums. To test for any loss of skin elasticity, gently pull or pinch some of your pet’s skin on the back of their neck, raise it and release. Observe the skin as it falls back to its original state. The skin of well-hydrated pets will spring back into place in just 2 seconds. The severity of dehydration can be evaluated by checking how long it takes for the pet’s skin to snap or spring back into its original position. 

If your pet is showing signs of dehydration, bring him to a vet clinic Bend, OR immediately. More information here:


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