Should I Bathe My Cat?

Cats, in general, do not require regular bathing as they can independently clean their bodies. Cats can naturally groom themselves by licking their body to remove dust and dirt in their fur, most especially the short-haired ones. Long-haired breeds may need bathing once in a while as their hair is prone to knots and tangles and their hair gets oily as well. Hairless cats, such as sphynx, need regular baths as they accumulate oils in their skin which can easily attract dirt. While most cats hate getting wet, they require a bath when they get filthy and smelly or cannot groom themselves. If you are planning to bathe your pet, ensure that you have the right bathing materials before bathing your cat. During bathing, a cat may feel stressed, agitated, or aggressive and tends to bite or scratch its owner. If you have concerns about bathing your pet, do talk to your pet clinic Goodyear, AZ


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