How to Deal With Separation Anxiety In Pet Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs develops when pet dogs become overly dependent and attach to their owners making them feel part of the family. When they sense that their owners are about to leave the house, they start to become anxious. When their owners leave, they will start to display distress behaviors like aggressive barking, potty accidents, and even destructive behavior. When their owners get home, they will become overly excited and affectionate. 

Separation anxiety in dogs should be addressed in the same way as any form of anxiety. Let your dog get used to the idea of you leaving the house by starting with a few minutes of being out of the house and never making a fuss when you leave and arrive. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety must undergo desensitization so they would be able to overcome their negative feelings that give rise to bad behaviors. 

Consult your vet Louisville, KY if you have concerns regarding your pet’s behavior.


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