Cats and Tear Duct Blockage

Eyes for any human or animal can be a very delicate part of the anatomy. If you notice your cat’s eyes are irritated, watery, or even swollen, call your vet. A cat’s eyes may be watery or give off a green or yellow discharge if there is debris in the eye, a scratch in the eye, or even damage to the tear ducts. Your vet will need to examine your cat’s eyes to determine the exact cause of the eye irritation or discharge. If it’s related to the tear ducts then they may be blocked. Epiphora is the medical term given when a cat’s tears do not drain correctly through the tear ducts. It is often a symptom of an underlying condition. A variety of cat breeds are prone to epiphora simply because of the shape of their eyes. Ask your veterinarian Rochester, NY to learn more.


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