Chocolate Toxicity in Cats

A cat which is suspected of experiencing toxic effects from chocolate consumption should immediately be brought to your veterinarian for prompt medical attention. When you bring your cat in, be prepared to answer questions regarding the history of exposure to chocolates. Your veterinarian will also conduct a thorough physical examination and perform tests to detect the presence of alkaloids in the blood, stomach contents, and/or urine. Since there is no antidote for this type of toxicity, veterinary procedures will be aimed at containing the signs. Induced vomiting is often done when consumption of chocolates had occurred within 2 hours. Your Veterinarian North Phoenix AZ may also administer activated charcoal to stop further absorption of theobromine in the digestive tract. In severe cases of chocolate toxicity, there may be a need for intubation, artificial ventilation, ECG, and anti-convulsants to stop and/or prevent muscular tremors and seizures. 


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