Prevent Litter Box Issues With The Right Location

Finding the right location for your cat’s litter box should be a top priority to avoid any litter box issues. Cats have zero tolerance for any interruptions when they’re defecating. Place the litter box in an area that cats can reach and have easy access to. The goal is to make it convenient for your cat to use it whenever it wants to defecate. In case you have an older cat in the household already, keep its litter box within its reach. Don’t place a cat’s litter box in dark areas or corners of the household such as the basement, under the staircase, or in a closet. It’s important for your cats to still be able to see its surroundings while they’re using their litter boxes. The litter box won’t serve its purpose if it can’t be accessed by your cats.

Get in touch with a vet Bossier City LA if you notice anything different or unusual in your pet’s elimination practices or habits. 


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