Some Tips on Managing Litter Box Problems

Cats are very particular animals. They have preferences in using a litter box. One issue that pet owners face when taking care of a cat is litter box avoidance. If you do not know your cat’s preferences, chances are your pet will eliminate in its preferred location other than the box. Below are some points to consider in managing your pet’s litter box issues. 

If your pet avoids using the box, it could be because your pet does not like the litter’s texture or smell. Changing the litter to a different kind by gradually adding new litter to the old litter will give your pet the time to adjust to it. 

When litter is not the problem, the box design could be the issue. Some cats do not like boxes with high walls or are too small for them. Some cats eliminate in covered bins. But, some cats prefer the uncovered ones which makes them feel less vulnerable to threats. 

Medical issues can also cause litter box avoidance. Consult your veterinarian Carolina Forest, SC to determine if your pet’s litter box problem could possibly be a behavior or a health condition.


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