Switching Pet Foods

Premium quality food should be your only choice for your pet’s diet, no matter what age your pets may be. Although there are certain differences when it comes to dietary requirements for each life stage, the ultimate goal is the same across all ages, that is to meet the target amount of nutrients they need and to achieve their daily caloric intake. 

When puppies and kittens reach a certain age, pet owners can change their pet’s diets to the adult formulation. Puppies and kittens who have reached 9 months to 1 year of age are qualified for this shift to an adult formula. But, another factor pet owners should consider is their pet’s size. Larger breeds are maintained on growth formula for a longer period than smaller breeds. However, prolonged periods on growth formula could make puppies gain extra weight and lead to obesity. A switch to senior pet rations can be done when your pet turns 7 years old. You should talk to a vet Columbia, MD to gather tips on how to improve your pet’s diet and meet their dietary requirements. Set an appointment at this website Howard County Animal Hospital.


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