Choosing A Joint Supplement For Pets

Joint supplements are part of a comprehensive regimen to manage arthritis symptoms in both humans and pets. The most popular joint supplements in the market are glucosamine and chondroitin, however, there are now newer options available, some of which are more effective than the usual joint supplements. Considering that joint supplements are not created equal, here are some tips to remember when choosing a joint supplement for your pet:


Choose a supplement made by a reputable company, particularly one which are known for their outstanding manufacturing practices. 

Quality control

Unfortunately, supplements in the US don’t need to be approved by FDA so there’s no guarantee that what is indicated on the label is what your pet will exactly get. But there is the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) that issues certification for products from companies with proper manufacturing processes coupled with independent product testing. This makes sure that the quality of ingredients and the product itself adheres to the claims that are stated on its label. NASC issues a gold label for products that have been subjected to rigorous testing. 

List of ingredients

Any pet owner should make a habit of checking the list of ingredients in a product including the amounts specified on the label of the product. Steer clear of products that claim to be a “proprietary blend” because you are not sure what the ingredients are. Some important supplements even contain dangerous quantities of arsenic which is very toxic.

It is highly recommended that you ask your veterinarians Coral Springs, FL before buying and giving any supplement to your pet.


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