Senior Cats Benefit From Grooming Assistance

With their aching and stiff joints and bodies that are suffering from age-related issues, senior cats can find grooming to be a challenge. Without any grooming assistance from their humans, the hair coat of senior cats can have mats and tangles, which can cause additional pain. Matted hair can tug painfully at the cat’s skin. With daily brushing, your senior pet’s hair coat will be free from matting and it would significantly decrease the amount of hair ingested that can lead to the formation of hairballs. There’s also a need to keep the cat’s behind clean, especially the tail and around the rectum, to help prevent urinary tract infections and for hygienic purposes. Also, your senior cat will also need regular nail trimming. With age, the nails become thick and brittle. Without regular trimming, the nails may grow into the paw pads which can be painful and can pave the way for infection. 

Any sign of skin and hair coat problem should be brought to the attention of your pet clinic Roanoke, VA.


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