What You Can Feed Your Cat

Owning a cat means caring for a cat including when your cat is eating. Providing a safe, nutritional, and generally well-balanced meal to your cat is important. There are a lot of things your cat should avoid eating (i.e. chocolate and caffeine), but there are also a lot of things your cat can eat. For instance, cat-friendly people foods include fish, cheese, and even veggies. If you notice your cat is chomping on the house plant again, try offering her a tasty veggie treat instead. Some cat owners have given their cats a small portion of steamed broccoli, which often satisfies that craving for a leafy green. Broccoli can also help clear up your cat’s digestive problems. Small portions of scrambled eggs also make an excellent protein-packed snack. Always check with your veterinary clinic Roanoke, VA before offering your cat any type of people food.


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