Challenges Of Living With Ferrets

Ferrets are adorable pets. They’re curious, affectionate, and are always on the lookout for opportunities to interact with their owners. But are there challenges of living with pet ferrets?

Pet ferrets need to spend a lot of time outside their cages regularly. Experts recommend at least 4 hours a day for adult ferrets, while it’s 6-8 hours for younger ferrets. They’re just like dogs. And they’re also very high maintenance. Since they are great escape artists, pet ferrets must be placed securely in their enclosures when no one is around to supervise. Since they thrive in spacious enclosures, they will need the largest cage possible. Aside from this, there should also be a room where you can let your pet ferret out for some playtime. Make sure that the room has been ferret-proofed to avoid unfortunate incidents. 

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