Considerations Before Buying Or Adopting A Rabbit

Rabbits have been known to live for more than 12 years. Although they make excellent pets, you should take several factors into consideration to determine whether a rabbit is a right pet for you or your child. A rabbit’s needs are specific and it will need proper care and attention. They are sensitive to weather extremes, thus they need a suitable enclosure. Rabbits make great pets for kids however, they need gentle handling. There have been cases when rabbits suffered a fracture after falling while being held by children. If there are cats and rabbits in the house, they could instinctively prey on the pet rabbit. If you have a multi-pet household, make sure you understand your pets’ temperaments before introducing them to each other. Rabbits can also scratch when something makes them frightened or angry. Like any other pet, rabbits will also need access to proper veterinary care. They also suffer from certain health issues, some of which can be debilitating or life-threatening. 

Call your veterinary clinic Scottsdale AZ if you notice signs of illness manifested by your pet rabbit.


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