Tips For Choosing A Bed For An Arthritic Dog

Does your beloved furry canine friend have arthritis? An arthritic dog can have various problems and you should find ways to alleviate these issues. A dog that has arthritis, for instance, may have trouble sleeping, so you need to provide an appropriate bed for him so he can sleep a lot better. If you look around shops or research online, there are various commercial dog beds that have been created specifically for dogs that have arthritis or other joint problems.

Before you rush out to buy another sleeping bed for your arthritic dog, you should plan ahead. You need to have the measurement of your pet ready. The proper measurement is one where you have measured his length when he is lying down (the legs must be extended). For safety, you need to add 5 inches on all sides, so you can buy a bed that is really perfect and comfortable for him to sleep in.

Work with your vet Louisville CO in managing your pet’s arthritic symptoms to improve your pet’s quality of life. 


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