Feeding Pet Birds

In the previous years, seed diets have been the standard diet fed to pet birds by bird owners. Experts argue that exclusively seed-fed birds are at higher risk of becoming unhealthy due to nutritional deficiencies and imbalance. The amount of fat in seeds is disproportionate to a pet bird's dietary fat needs, hence predisposing them to weight gain and obesity. A diet rich in and has the perfect balance of macronutrients is preferred to avoid the consequences of nutritional deficiencies. Serving other foods apart from seeds should be encouraged. Therefore, foods that contain vitamin A, calcium, and iodine are favored. To ensure that your pet bird receives its calcium requirement, incorporate calcium-fortified food such as cuttlefish bone, oyster shell, and mineral blocks into their diets. Essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid can aid in the bird’s feather growth and development and their skin health can also benefit from the fatty acids. Visit a professional veterinary clinic Dahlonega GA to discuss and know more about your pet’s nutritional needs.


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