Do Dogs Get Along with Donkeys?

Well, that can be an odd question unless you own a donkey and would like to get a dog too. Donkeys and dogs can get along if they are trained from an early age to respect one another. If your dog is trained as a puppy to accept other animals like a donkey and to recognize his territory is separate from the donkey’s then their co-existence on the same farm may work. It’s important to know; however, that even if you train your dog to behave you may not be able to train your donkey to behave around your dog. Donkeys are by nature territorial and protective of everything they think belongs to them. Donkeys tend to see dogs as predators and will lash out and kick and bite. If you have a dog and a donkey then set boundaries early on and keep your dog out of your donkey’s territory. Click to contact your veterinarians Ellicott City, MD.


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