Bichon Havanais

Did you know that the Bichon Havanais is often referred to as the Havanese? Yes, the Havanais and Havenese are the same. This particular Bichon is part of the Bichon family of domestic dogs. It is the national dog of Cuba and is sometimes called the “Havana Silk Dog.” The Havanese is a small and sturdy sized dog with drop and folded ears and a tail that generally lies across its back. The coat is long, silky, colorful, and requires routine brushing. The Havanese is often described as a playful and spirited pup that is extremely curious. These particular dogs make excellent family pets and companions for people of all ages. They are extremely social creatures that do well with other pets and lots of people. They are highly adaptable to most environments. If this sounds like the dog for you then contact your veterinarians Columbia, MD for referrals for local breeders or adoption centers.


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